Valor and Justice Quartermasters-Update(Beta Build)

Posted on August 9, 2012. Filed under: Home, Paladin |

Blizzard recently added Valor and Justice points  gear items to the recent Beta build.  These can be obtained through the Quartermasters found in Niuzao Temple in Townlong Steppes.  I decided to post which ones we’ll be looking at as a Holy Paladin.  This will just be an update to the post I did back in June 2012 found here.

VALOR The August Celestials-Revered

489 Plate Spell Spirit Hands-Guantlets of Jade Sutras

489 Plate Spell Spirit Feet-Bramblestaff Boots

489 Plate Spell DPS Wrist-Fallen Centinel Bracers

VALOR The Klaxxi-Revered

489 Plate Spell DPS Waist- Klaxxi Lash of the Doubter

489 Misc Spell Spirit Neck- Links of the Lucid

489 Plate Spell Spirit Legs- Ambersmith Legplates

VALOR– Golden Lotus-Revered

489 Plate Spell DPS Shoulders- Paleblade Shoulderguards

489 Misc Spell Spirit Finger- Leven’s Circle of Hope

VALOR– Shado Pan-Revered

489 Cloth Spell Spirit Back- Sagewhisper’s Wrap

489 Misc Spell DPS Trinket- Scroll of Revered Ancestors

489 Plate Spell Spirit Helm- Six Pool’s Open Helm

JUSTICE– Shadow Pan-Honored

450 Misc Spell Spirit Finger- Sorcerer-King’s Seal

450 Plate Spell Spirit Hands- Guantlets of Restraint

JUSTICE– Golden Lotus-Honored

450 Misc Spell Spirit Neck- Pendant of Endless Inquisition

450 Plate Spell DPS Wrists- Bracers of Inner Light

JUSTICE– The August Celestials-Honored

450 Plate Spell Spirit Legs- Valiant’s Shinguards

JUSTICE The Klaxxi-Honored

450 Plate Spell Spirit Chest- Inner Serenity Chestplate

Hope this helps out 🙂


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