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SWtOR: Jedi Sage Heals

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Well its been awhile since I last posted and sorry for stopping abruptly but the burnout boss hit me hard with wow.  After almost 7 years of playing non stop and raiding from 2- 4 nights a week (No Breaks) I needed to step away, at least until Legion drops.  Being a huge Star Wars fan it was inevitable that I would jump into Star Wars the Old Republic (SWtOR).  Guess what, I absolutely love it!!  The Flashpoints (Dungeons) and Operations (Raids) are so much fun.  It also was just fate that I’d be drawn to the Jedi Sage/Sith Sorcerer since they both play similar to a Holy Paladin with a dash of Discipline Priest.

So here I am going over the Jedi Sage heals from a player who’s done all the Storymode Operations and some Hardmodes.  I don’t ever plan to do Nightmare, no time in my life to commit to that, HaHa!! However I’ve put a lot of time into playing the Jedi Sage and Sith Sorcerer so I feel very comfortable talking and going over its Healing Spec.  However all constructive feedback is totally welcome and wanted….So as to help others as well as make me a better Sage.

I also need to warn you that this is unusually long…20 min.  I usually script and record a 3 min episode.  This however is me going over the entire spec just chatting away. Also need to work out some of the music mixing and editing but give me some time please 😉  So sit back and I hope you enjoy. For I plan to cover all the healers after leveling and grinding them through Flashpoints and Ops.

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