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Siege of Orgrimmar Raid: Spoils of Pandaria

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After doing the CtR Guild Healing Roundtable its time to get back and finish my synopsis of the boss encounters for Tier 16.  This week I go over the Spoils encounter from the Siege of Orgrimmar raid.  And of coarse, from a “Holy Paladin” point of view.

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Thanks for the subscriptions and taking the time to listen 🙂


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Convert to Raid Guild: Healing Roundtable

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One of the great things about being in a guild the size of The Convert to Raid Guild is that there are all kinds of events and happenings there;  from raffles, bootcamps, guild raids, and some pvp.  One thing that had been mentioned awhile back was perhaps organizing some roundtables,  where guildies could get together and discuss various topics about the game,  and record it as an audio podcast.  Since I had done some Holy Paladin Roundtables in the past, I decided to put together the first annual CtRGuild: Healing Roundtable where I was able to get some guild mates and discuss healing in Mists of Pandaria.  We had a blast and covered all healing specs, Tier 16 raid content and a few other topics.  My guests had so much to say, it took 2 hrs and 50 min away from our afternoon but trust me, it was well worth it and I know it’ll be well worth the listen.


Blaes (Priest)

Currently playing as a Holy/Shadow Priest but years of experience in both specs Holy/Disc.  Playing on a 25 man progression team.

Twitter: ctr_blaes

Spencer (Druid)

Main specialty is Resto Druid healing playing on a Heroic Progression 10 man team.  He raids by night and manages behind the scenes CtR Guild business.

Twitter: SpencerHD

Boon (Shaman)

Boon is currently playing a Resto/Elemental Shaman.  He is on a 10 man Heroic progression team and according to Spencer, can put out some mean deeps as well as awesome heals.

Twitter: Boon


Leblue (Monk)

Leblue on his Brewmaster/Mistweaver Monk is enjoying 10 man Heroic progression on two teams.  He also enjoys writing articles “The Tipsy Tank” and “The Bolt Rack”  for .

Twitter: Kagerai_Leblue

TwitchTV: dragonuser55

YouTube: dragonuser5

Akcoor (Paladin)

Once a Holy Paladin, always a Holy Paladin.  Akcoor does Heroic progression for a 25 man team healing in Intellect Plate.

Twitter: Skesh Akcoor

TwitchTV: Akcoor

(Listen Directly Here)

You can find this  also uploaded to iTunes and Stitcher via the MegaMinutes RSS feed and sometime later this week at Convert To Raid Too in iTunes.

Thanks for taking the time to listen and I hope you get as much out of this as I did  putting it all together.

Megacode 🙂

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