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Ok, I’ve switched to a mastery build and I feel like I’m making the needed adjustments in my approach. On this mornings run against Gara’jal 48% of my healing came from my shields. Holy prism surprisingly generated 23% my heals followed by eternal flame. I basically hit the boss with my prism on cooldown and built up 5 holy powers and put eternal flames on 3 people before the pull. With the spirit buff, I caste a lot more divine lights and flash of lights than usual. I did 36K hps. I’ve been playing with my talents choices to get a feel for the advantages of each. Anything else I should be doing to take things to the next level?

Convert to Raid

Sounds like your doing it right. I heal the Pharamones Kiter and tanks on that fight so I replace Holy Prism with Execution Sentence and keep EF’s rolling. Also, Beaconing the Pharamones Kiter really helps. If bosses are dying and people stay alive “your doin it” 🙂

Also using your cooldowns and Hands multiple times will make a difference to

Hey there love listening to you talk about boss fights and how to heal threw. Just had a quick question? What is the song called playing on your segment at the end of the Instance? Sounds like a woman signing!!! If you could let me know I want to dowoad it!! Thanks again!! For the Horde!!!!

Glad you like the segment and song. I get a lot of requests regarding that song. It’s called Song of Elune from WoW Volume 1 🙂

Ok so pardon my ignorance and lack of twitter interest. If you have answered what I am going to ask on the twitter.
So, are you the ever consummate Holy Paladin going to be theory crafting for the next expansion? If so will we be seeing any new postings of it here? If not where would you steer someone who has an interest in future Holy Paladin-ness? Miss your little megaminutes at the end of my favorite podcasts. Later.

Yes dry spell indeed. I do plan to continue my Megaminutes once WoD drops. Atm not much to chat about but be reassurd I’ll be back into the mix of Holy goodness with a new expansion. Now as far as numbers and theorycrafting, so not me. I follow a few theorycrafters and add their input to just diving deep into dungeons and raids and figuring out which style works for me. I’m all about hands on experience. I would reccomend for a solid Holy Pally theorycrafter. Good luck and hope you continue to play the best healing spec ever 🙂 for theory crafting 🙂

Hi! Thanks a bunch for putting together your little ‘bits’ in the CTR podcast – that’s how I found you. I happen to be a Holy Cow as well. I’m reviewing my spec & rotation for optimizations. First off – do you have a link to any of your ask-mr-robot uploads and/or your wow profile so I could mine them for improvements to my gameplay?

Also – I had a question about glyph of beacon of light. If you macro this with, say, flash heal – isn’t this just ideal? Like basically it updates your target with BoL and then hits them with a flash heal (which cheapens the mana cost) so isn’t just an easy way to just spam [cheaper] FoLs all fight long? Or am I missing something! Thanks for taking time out to reply.

I recently switched teams and will try and get you some logs.

As far as FoL/Beacon Macro, during WoD ptr testing it was actually considered but that was when ToR gave us a charge of Holy Power. To use that method now would only lessen your healing throughput for some mana return. In the end your benefitting your team and ranks by keeping both beacons on tanks, and can save on mana by using HL instead of FoL. Now don’t get me wrong. FoL has its place and I’ll still use it from time to time.

Thanks for your comments and compliments 🙂

Hello Megacode,

I have listened to CtR for years and have always paid attention to your segments and enjoyed them. I have been given an opportunity to join a raid team in need of a healer. A hunter was my first toon 6 years ago and I played a disc priest on MoP and got pretty comfortable at healing with the disc priest. The raid leader says they are full up on Hunters so that’s not an option for me at this time. If I wanted to go RDPS I had a lvl 92 Priest I could level then gear and get a try out. After leveling the priest in Shadow to lvl 100 I really didn’t like the way it played. The Leader said I could try healing as a Holy Priest or Holy Paladin. My Pally was lvl 100 and I had leveled from 0 to 100 as Prot. It was iLvL 660 so I dropped my Ret OS and picked up Holy. I have geared to iLvL 675 in a couple days and am approaching the 680 iLvL threshold for the raid tryout. The Team is finished through Mannoroth N and has downed Heroic Hellfire Assualt. I used Healbot on my Disc Priest and have started using it on my Holy Pally. I have completed Silver Proving Grounds but have yet to try to heal an LFR. I really like the HPally so far.

I would like to know if you have any advice for a new HPally like me and what resources should I use? I have read a lot, and watched a lot of youtube videos but I want to start this toon off right even if that means using things such as Weak Auras and switching to VuhDO. I think it best to learn from those who have gone before and I respect your insight and have seen the respect that you have received from the WoW community.

I know the guild raid team that I am trying out for isn’t pushing cutting edge progression, but I may only get one shot at trying out and want to make sure I give myself the best chance at success. If you have the time to reply that would be great! If you had the time for some 1 on 1 tutoring that would be even better.

P.S. I knew I had heard your segment at the end of a podcast but as I listen to about 12 on a weekly basis I couldn’t remember which one I had heard yours on. It took my about two days of hardcore searching the net to find you :). I even listened to the end of all my podcasts from last week and didn’t hear you, I almost gave up until now.

WokFoo (yes I stole the name from a certain retired CtR host who I think is awesome!)
Alliance – US The Scryers

Hey, welcome to the world of Holy Paladin healing. Its a great healing spec almost required for most raid teams. So I can give you a quick rundown on style and rotations.

Pretty much keep Beacons on both tanks. Spot heal the raid, including tanks with Eternal Flame and Holy Light heals. When Infusion of Light procs , use a Holy Light or Flash of Light. When 3 holy power is up, use it for the tanks. Never use Holy Radiance, wasted weak expensive heal. Also for HFC raid, you can’t go wrong spec’ing into Holy Prism and using when off cooldown. Use Avenging Wrath, Devo Aura for times of huge raid damage. Divine Protection, and our Bubble should be saved for Personal Damage mitigation. And by all means make great use of your Hand Spells ( Hand of Sacrifice, and Hand of Protection).

Practice makes perfect so don’t focus too much on how you rank. Learn the fights so you can anticipate when big damage is coming. Take a look at my character on the armory for which talents I use.

I love using weak auras for when my cooldowns and hands are ready to be used. I am also a huge fan of Vuhdo. I started with Healbot but felt I could specifically taylor Vuhdo to Holy Pally healing. Let me know how things go!! I will try and help out when possible. at the moment I am resting a head cold.

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