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INTERVIEW: *Method’s Holy Paladin*

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Continuing down my path of interviewing the worlds best Holy Paladins, I had the opportunity of talking Holy Pally with none other than Method’s Holy Paladin Aladya.  I picked his brain  on what its like  being part of Method’s core group of healers and how it feels to be “World First”!! Like all my other interviews, he gives us his insight to where the Holy Paladin is today and what worked best for him healing through Tier 15 content. So sit back and enjoy this interview packed with a lot of great Holy Pally info 🙂

Aladya can be found on Method’s forums at

Method can also be found and followed on Twitter @MethodEU.

Besides listening to it directly here, you can find this on iTunes and Stitcher Radio.

Thanks for listening and checking me out 🙂


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Throne of Thunder: Ji-Kun Encounter

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I give a brief synopsis on Ji-Kun 10 man Normal from the Throne of Thunder raid from a Holy Paladin point of view. I go over healing the platform.


Find it on iTunes here

Find it on “Stitcher Radio”!!

You can find this Minicast piggy backed onto Convert to Raid Podcast a show on all things raiding in the World of Warcraft with hosts ZhugSolarflairKoltrane;  The AIE Podcast a show on all things related in the AIE-Guild’s gaming universe with hosts GhomusAcuzod and Alludra;  and  The Instance with hosts Scott JohnsonWillie Dills and Turpster.

In the weeks to come look for my Interview with Methods Holy Paladin Aladya.  I also recorded another Interivew with Nodozz Blood Legions Holy Paladin where we talk about Addons and Peripherals. Late June I’ll once again be doing another Holy Paladin Roundtable where my guests will be discussing Tier 15 content and where healing is today as Holy Spec.

Thanks for checking me out and listening,


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INTERVIEW: *Blood Legions Holy Paladin*

Posted on May 6, 2013. Filed under: Home, Interviews, Paladin, Podcast |

I was lucky enough to chat and interview one of the worlds best skilled Holy Paladins, Nodozz from the 25man Hardcore Progression Guild /Raid Team Blood Legion.  We get deep into the life of an Elite Hardcore Progression Raider, steps needed to get into a hardcore progression team, Tier 14 and 15 progression with Blood Legion, and of coarse all things related to healing as a Holy Paladin.  This interview was fun and packed with all kinds of great info for any raider and those aspiring to heal as a Holy Paladin and if you dont play one now, you sure will after listening 🙂

Nodozz can be found on Twitter at Nodozz_BL

Blood Legion can be found on Twitter at bloodlegion and at their website

You can listen to this interview directly here or find it on iTunes and Stitcher Radio so sit back and enjoy.

Thanks for listening,


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