Faction Quartermaster Gear for Holy Paladins

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Recently on MMO-Champion a list of  purchasable valor point loot from Faction Quartermasters came out.  I thought I’d compile a list of what Holy Paladins might consider obtaining.  With the exception of Mounts(Exalted)  everything else is purchasable once your at Revered reputation with Valor Points.

The Shado-pan
Rushi the Fox can be found in Townlong Steppes, in the Shado-pan Garrison.

Sagewhisper’s Wrap(Back)-  With Spirit and Haste

Scroll of Revered Ancestors(Trinket)-  1079 Intellect and on use increase of  2822 Spirit for 15 seconds

Blossom of Pure Snow(Trinket)-  1079 Intellect  and on use increase of 2822 Critical Strike for 15 seconds

Suppose it all depends on your Spec but I’m going with the Spirit Trinket due to the changes of mana regen coming from Spirit

Yalia’s Cowl(Head)-  Plate helm with Spirit and Crit

The Klaxxi
Ambersmith Zikk can be found in Dread Wastes, near the center of Klaxxi’vess.

Links of the Lucid(Neck)-  Spirit and Haste

Klaxxi Lash of the Doubter(Waist)-  Plate Waist with Spirit and Haste

Ambersmith Legplates(Legs)-  Plate Legs with Spirit and Mastery

Restorative Amber–  Use: Encase yourself in restorative amber, restoring 300,000 health and 300,000 mana over 10 sec. (1 sec cooldown)  Obtain this at Honored reputation.  Figure I’ll be stocking up on these for awhile.

The August Celestials
Sage Lotusbloom can be found outside of your faction’s capital in Vale of the Eternal Blossoms, in the lower outdoor tier.

Bramblestaff Boots(Feet)-  Plate Feet with Spirit and Haste

Gauntlets of Jade Sutras(Hands)-  Plate Hands with Spirit and Mastery

Fallen Sentinel Bracers(Wrists)-  Plate Wrists with Crit and Mastery.  Will keep these until I obtain Plate Wrist with Spirit on them

Golden Lotus
Jaluu the Generous can be found outside of Mogu’shan Palace.

Leven’s Circle of Hope(Finger)-  Finger piece with Spirit and Crit

Paleblade Shoulderguards(Shoulders)-  Plate Shoulders with Crit and Mastery.  Keep these until I obtain a piece with Spirit

Hope this mini post helps in figuring out what you’ll be purchasing from the Factions for your Holy Paladin once Revered.  Like many of you I’m chomping at the bit to get MoP up and Live.  Until then I’ll do my best to keep you posted on changes big and small.

Just a heads up all, but I’m in the works of getting a mini podcast going so lately a lot of my time has been focused on that.  Once we dive into MoP I know I’ll have a ton of stuff to talk and write about.

Please feel free to comment or reach me on Twitter or email.  Thanks 🙂


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2 Responses to “Faction Quartermaster Gear for Holy Paladins”

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very helpfull keep up the good work

Right on. Glad it helped. Plan to get writing more once the First Tier Grind is over. So much work to do with little time 🙂

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