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I’m not sure how most of you play, but having a viable off speck has never been a strong point for me. For the longest time I went dual Holy Spec as a Paladin because of certain fight dynamics benefiting from certain talent point allocations (e.g.Blessed Life,Pursuit of Justice) and not being able to switch talents around at a moments notice. Having to fly back to our trainer to change a talent point or two wasn’t always convenient so I’ve always had two specs into Holy with each one being used for certain fights depending on what talents were needed for the mechanics in the fight.

Now because of the changes to the talents system in Mists of Pandaria, making them more of a personal choice and not a have to have talent, I’ve gone ahead and removed my second Holy Spec and started working on learning how to be a proficient Retribution Paladin. Also, it sounds like we won’t be having to go and visit our trainer every single time we want to make a change to our spec. It will instead be more of on the fly changing I believe, which will be handy for me if I want to change(personalize) a Holy talent or two for a certain fight. This in itself removes the need for two Holy Specs.

It’s definitely been a benefit for my guild me being able to jump into the dps role(now I’m not talking about my dps throughput you DPS Leets :-P). With the lull going on in Cataclysm, believe it or not, we’ve had a harder time filling our raid roster with dps than healers so I’ve been jumping in as dps to obviously help out, but also like the old saying goes, “Practice makes perfect”!! This has also helped out with my slight burnout. I am sort of an Alt junkie especially at the end of expansions but now I’m killing the boredom by jumping into Heroic Dungeons and LFR getting my Ret Spec geared up and I’m really having a blast.

We definitely take for granted our muscle memory when it comes to main spec vs off spec. When I’m healing there’s no hesitation or pause in the manner. It’s just pushing buttons and healing bars while staying out of the bad stuff. When I’m dps’ing in Ret spec there’s a slight pause making sure I use the right damage attack spell (Crusader Strike, Templars Verdict). On top of that I have to make sure my Inquisition is up all of the time. However, I get some nice cd’s like Zeolatry and Avenging Wrath to bash out some nice dps. On main boss fights I like to start out 2 against 1 with my old pal Guardian of Ancient Kings, aka “Angry Man” according to Kurn from Kurn’s Corner blog. He really needs to go to anger management class πŸ™‚

I am having a blast and am getting better at building that muscle memory and getting my dps up there where it needs to be, however I can’t finish my rant without mentioning some add ons that absolutely make my job easier:

1) Power Auras– Visual auras to help with cool downs, proc’s, etc….

2) Retribution FCFS– Helps you manage cool down of attack spells and which ones to use first.

3) Omen Threat Meter– Indicates threat level of party members.

4) Recount– Graphical damage/healing meter with a whole lot more.

Hopefully when the MoP expansion is out I’ll feel like a more competent Retribution Paladin but it is my off speck and always will be, for this is the Healingspec blog. In the meantime I’m drowning out the lull with dps’ing in Dungeons, LFR, and the occasional Raid, and continuing to build my Alt army that will eventually take over the world.

I’d love to hear what the rest of you are doing during the Cata Lull and to those of you that are playing Ret Pally spec, let me know what cool add ons you use that really make a difference in your gameplay. As always thanks for reading and please feel free to leave a comment.

Doing it Ret Style


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