Helping Hands

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Holy Paladins, like I’ve said before are considered utility healers. We have so much within our repertoire, that we can almost do it all from single target heals to small hots. What also really differentiates us are our Hands spells. Previous to 3.0.2 patch, they were called Blessings.  Today the only blessing spells that remain are Blessing of Might and Blessing of Kings. The rest have pretty much become Hand (Spell).  Unlike Blessings which are considered raid buffs, Hands are used more for damage mitigation. The available hands in use today by Holy Paladins are:

Hand of Freedom: Grants immunity to movement impairing effects for 6 seconds. This came in handy when used on self while healing on the Nezir platform  while inflicted with Ice Patch in Throne of the Four Winds Raid.

Hand of Freedom

Hand of Protection: A party or raid member is protected from physical attacks for 10 seconds. I really try and save this for ranged dps who are close to death from physical attacks. Ranged dps can still continue to attack while melee dps won’t be able to attack for 10 seconds while Hand is on them. In rare occasions you might find a need to use on tank but make sure you and the tank have communicated this to prevent ugly consequences.  If need be, throw a Hand of Freedom on them to remove the spell. Also, keep in mind that using HoP places Forbearance on you(Paladin).

Hand of Protection

Hand of Sacrifice: Whoever you cast this on, 30% of the damage they take gets transferred to you. Most of the time I save this for tanks who have exhausted their cool downs and are expecting some big damage soon.  Just be prepared to use a Divine Protection or Divine Shield incase you bit off more than you can chew.

Hand of Sacrifice

End Cast Image of Hand of Sacrifice

Hand of Salvation: Reduces total threat by 2% every 1 second for 10 seconds to whomever you put this on.  I use this most often when learning a new dungeon, for those dps who pull threat from tank. While learning the Heroic Hagara fight, I found myself using this on one or two dps.

Hand of Salvation

Just keep in mind these spells do have cool downs so keep an eye on their timers just incase you find yourself using them multiple times.

While I’m not in Beta I plan to continue posting short posts on  Holy Paladin abilities/healing since its been awhile since anyone has. Just keep in mind some of these may not make it into live Mists of Pandaria.  Hope this helps and thanks for reading and leaving any feedback.


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