Recent Beta, Just a Pipe Dream?

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Blizzard put out the recent Beta changes and boy I am happy for us Holy Paladins. I know its just beta and most likely most of it won’t make its way to release,  but it can’t hurt to dream a little dream!  Instead of going over all of the beta patch information that effects us, I’ll write about what really intrigues me as a Holy Paladin.

Holy Abilities

Beacon of Light: Big change here was Holy Radiance transferring (heard 25%) to BofL target.

Daybreak: After casting Holy Radiance our next Holy Shock will transfer 50% of its heal to allies near its target. I like this better than relying on a 20% proc to remove a global cooldown.

Holy Radiance: Now healing allies of the target for 50% of its heal instead of a static number. Bigger heal means bigger splash heals. Reading the new tool tip, it looks like we’re losing the small heal over time component but getting a charge of holy power when casted.

Light of Dawn: From my understanding it will work more like a priests Circle of Healing, healing up to 6 of the most injured targets within 30 yards. I like this much better since you won’t have to position yourself to get the cone-ward heal  out.


Glyph of Flash of Light: When you FoL a target, it increases the next heal done to that target within 7 seconds by 10%. Not sure if I’ll use this glyph but definitely good for “Oh Crap” situation; throw a Flash of Light on someone close to death followed up with a Divine Light.

Glyph of Illumination: Your Holy Shock criticals grant 1% mana return, but Holy Insight(was meditation) returns 10% less mana. Very interesting glyph.  Your mana regeneration while in combat is reduced from 50-40 percent, so you would need to cast 10 holy shocks to make up that 10%. I try my best to use HS once off cooldown for the quick heal and Holy Power regen but 10 a minute (6 sec cooldown) is unlikely.


Boundless Conviction: Basically you store 2 additional Holy Power beyond the maximum of 3. Word of Glory(WoG) and Light of Dawn(LoD) can only consume up to 3 Holy Power, no more. This gives you 2 more Holy Powers in your arsenal. If you cast a 3 holy power WoG or LoD, throw out a Holy Shock and now you have a large WoG or LoD ready to be used. I really like this!

Hand of Sacrifice: Range increased from 30-40 yards. Love this since I use HoS all the time.

Improved Judgement: Removed old to replace with a completely new one to make use of our Judgements of the Pure talent. Does not specify how the mana regen for JotP will work. Right now for 1 minute we have mana regen from Spirit while in combat by 30% when we cast Judgment.

Holy Insight: New, and sort of a combination of Enlightened Judgements, Meditation, and Walk in the Light which are present day talents 2 of which are passive. It also increases our mana pool by 400%. Guessing this is because Intellect will no longer increase our mana pool.

Tower of Radiance: Pretty much the same,  with one change being that ToR doesn’t generate Holy Power for Holy Radiance. Holy Radiance itself when casted will generate holy power.

Ok picture this; Beacon of Light on the tank. Your standing with melee. Melee group gets hit with some major damage. Meanwhile you have 5 holy power banked (Boundless Conviction). Cast Light of Dawn, Cast Holy Radiance on a melee (25% gets transfered to BoL target and 50% goes to allies), Cast Holy Shock on melee(Daybreak gives 50% to allies) and you get 1 holy power, Cast a 3 holy power Light of Dawn, Cast Holy Radiance, Cast Holy Shock (Daybreak). Tank gets a ton of healing through Beacon of Light and splash heals, melee gets a ton of healing through direct heals and splash heals. I’m not much of a theorycrafter  but it sure seems like were becoming better raid healers with every expansion/patch.

I also noticed a few of our heals had cost of mana increased while some got bumps to their healing output, but that is expected because with a new expansion comes new loot with bigger stats. Its all about balancing the healing classes.

Keep in mind that this is a beta patch and there will be changes before it goes live. This post was written so that we may slowly get prepared as we progress patch to patch until launch day. Thanks,


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