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Ok, I’ve switched to a mastery build and I feel like I’m making the needed adjustments in my approach. On this mornings run against Gara’jal 48% of my healing came from my shields. Holy prism surprisingly generated 23% my heals followed by eternal flame. I basically hit the boss with my prism on cooldown and built up 5 holy powers and put eternal flames on 3 people before the pull. With the spirit buff, I caste a lot more divine lights and flash of lights than usual. I did 36K hps. I’ve been playing with my talents choices to get a feel for the advantages of each. Anything else I should be doing to take things to the next level?

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Sounds like your doing it right. I heal the Pharamones Kiter and tanks on that fight so I replace Holy Prism with Execution Sentence and keep EF’s rolling. Also, Beaconing the Pharamones Kiter really helps. If bosses are dying and people stay alive “your doin it” :)

Also using your cooldowns and Hands multiple times will make a difference to

Hey there love listening to you talk about boss fights and how to heal threw. Just had a quick question? What is the song called playing on your segment at the end of the Instance? Sounds like a woman signing!!! If you could let me know I want to dowoad it!! Thanks again!! For the Horde!!!!

Glad you like the segment and song. I get a lot of requests regarding that song. It’s called Song of Elune from WoW Volume 1 :)

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