I am an active player in the World of Warcraft gaming MMORPG community. My main gaming character is a Holy Paladin who goes by the name of Megacode who resides on Aerie Peak (Alliance) in the guild Convert to Raid.  I also have a few other Holy Paladin alts: Megancode on Aerie Peak(CtR-Nalak) and Earthen Ring (AIE).  What can I say, Holy Paladin FTW.

I’ve progressed through the last two expansions completing all end game content in normals and some  heroics. As my characters suggest I prefer the spec of healing, specializing in the Holy tree of the Paladin class.

Being a Firefighter/Paramedic in real life, there’s reason why I’m so fond of the healing spec, it just comes natural. World of Warcraft is my first MMORPG game, but I’ve been an active gamer since pre-K ranging from Zork 1-3, Ultima, Final Fantasy series, Elder Scrolls, Bio Shock, Fall Out series, and many others. I’ve also dabbled as a healing force user.

For a long time I’ve listened to quite a few podcasts and have been subscribed to quite a few blog pages, a lot dealing with electronics and gaming. For the longest time I’ve wanted to start my own blog but never had the time until now. I don’t wish this to be a chore so I plan to use this blog as a means to share with others my experiences in the gaming world and by sharing what I’ve learned. With a new WofW expansion and other MMO’s to play in  I should have plenty to blog/podcast about, especially when it comes to healing goodness.

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